MoonMenu 3.0.2

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MoonMenu is a good program for budding astronomers and anyone interested in moon phases. View full description


  • Easily calculate moon phases
  • Preview of current moon phase


  • Limited set of definitions
  • Have to type in your own time zone


MoonMenu is a good program for budding astronomers and anyone interested in moon phases.

The application can show you all the different phases of the moon according to your time zone and your location on the planet. While you'll have to enter the time zone yourself, MoonMenu will memorize it and give you the precise date and time for each phase, including moon quarters and full moons. You'll also get a preview image of the current moon phase. The application displays other essential information like what sort of moon it is, the lunation and time left till a new moon.

MoonMenu features a few definitions of moon study terms, including waning and waxing or crescent. We would have liked to see a bit more definitions there and maybe some more explanations on how moon phases work.

While not highly advanced, MoonMenu is nice to have if you want to know the different moon phases in your time zone.


  • Fixed problem with Sunrise/Sunset times on Mac OS X 10.6.
  • Added automatic update check to make transition to new versions easier.

The MoonMenu™ application is a small but powerful panel that allows you to investigate all of the information about the moon for any date and time between the years 1923 and 2039. It also controls the settings for the tint of the moon so you can optimize it for your monitor.

MoonMenu™ draws the current phase of the moon in the menubar. The menu, when selected, reveals the following information:

  • A textual description of the moon phase
  • Illumination percentage
  • The moon's age in days
  • Current lunation number
  • Farmers' Almanac names for the current lunation
  • Upcoming quarter predictions
  • Automatic "blue moon" detection that actually colors the moon blue
  • Sun rise/set times
  • Twilight rise/set times
  • Moon rise/set times

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MoonMenu 3.0.2